University District Floating Home

This floating home is located on Portage Bay In a prominent end of dock location with views of the University of Washington and the University bridge.

The home is a deliberate combination of both traditional and contemporary elements. As you approach the home from the street you immediately notice the two story white aluminum grid paneled wall bisected by a bright yellow flag element with a deep blue seemless wall to the right spattered with 4 colors paint in a Jackson Pollack manner. The single story building forms flanking either side of the two story space are traditional beveled cedar siding painted gray to tie back into the more industrial elements of the home.

As you enter the home your eye is drawn to the exterior view of Portage Bay by the serpentine pattern of the flooring. The front of the house is constructed with a series of sliding glass doors that collapse to either side and opens the entire front of the home to the views and the water, further extending the interior space to the exterior.

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